Volterra is an Italian town in Tuscany, in the province of Pisa. The city was founded by the Etruscans and sits on a hill overlooking the other hills. The city has 11,000 inhabitants.
The Duomo di Volterra on the Piazza San Giovanni was built in Romanesque style and features beautiful 13th-century pulpits with carved panels and many 
bas-reliefs. Palazzo dei Priori has local authorities in the middle Ages. The construction began in 1208 from this palace, it is one of the oldest in Tuscany. In the Museo Guarnacci are many remains of the Etruscan period. There are also a few museums with paintings. The Roman Theatre of Volterra is impressive, dating from the first century BC. The Medici fortress is in good condition and still in use as a state prison and attracts many tourists.

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